Jenn Holling Clinic
January 7th-8th, 2023
Location: Mahan Farm



Mahan Farm is open for schooling year round. All haul-ins require prior notification to Mahan Farm. All riders, trainers, and visitors must sign our online release waiver prior to arrival. Schooling fees are now available to pay online through paypal or venmo. Call or text Lindsay 850-528-1267 for reservations or info. If you are schooling XC you must notify us at least 48 hours prior to have the water complex filled.



Happenings at
Mahan Farm

1/7-1/8/23- Jenn Holling Clinic at Mahan Farm
1/14/23- Gray Lily Farm Jumpers
2/4/23- SWDEA Dressage at Mahan Farm
3/4/23- SWDEA Eventing at Mahan Farm
3/5/23- Dressage Clinic w/Judy Downer at Mahan Farm
4/15/23- SWDEA Jumpers at Magnolia Run
5/13/23- Gray Lily Eventing
6/3/23- Mahan Farm Spring Into Summer Event
9/9/23- SWDEA Jumpers at Magnolia Run
10/7/23- Mahan Farm Beat the Heat Event
11/11/23- SWDEA Year End Event at Mahan Farm





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